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I love coaching you to a life lived more passionately and more wholeheartedly using conscious body work. This way, you can live your life mindfully and all the labels – which you are not- may fade away. And so you can really stand in your natural power.  Step by step, we’ll learn to let go of perfection.

Do you also have a passion for dance? Or a longing to get moving consciously through the body, to get to meet the deeper layers of yourself? To come home to yourself and the world? To manifest your true self? To learn to centre yourself through a medicine movement practice?
Then this free, meditative dance, 5Rhythms, is a precious medium to make this longing come true.
I offer lessons of 5Rhythms weekly in Mortsel and in other area’s.
I also offer workshops where we can explore deeper.
Furthermore, I cooperate with you in individual sessions where content and working methods are completely attuned to your needs.

I wish you greetings from the sun, full of joy for life! ❤


Home sweet home.



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