Katya Verbrugghe

Katya Verbrugghe

My life dance

Since 2007 I have danced the 5Rhythms. I finished the Waves Teacher Training with Jonathan Horan in 2014 and in 2018 the Heartbeat Teacher Training.

For me they were the most valuable and direct channel for awakening my life energy, which is the same as Kundalini energy. In the dance, I taught myself to ground this strong and gentle energy in my body. This allowed me to go on healing what needed to be healed and it still does. This grounding of my life force, also allows me to live more in the here and now, instead of always reacting to impulses from the inner or outer world.

For me, dancing is the way to sense how present I am in my body, to meet myself truly from within my body and to let what really lives inside me move, to get moving authentically in connection with my feelings and emotions.

To be in the dance fully – in Dutch we have a perfect word for this: ‘vol-ledig’ which literally means full-empty, full of emptiness) – brings me the feeling of freedom, of BEING in the moment. It allows me to breathe freely and deeply. Ultimately it brings a sense of being at ONE with the world, ONE breath, ONE dance.

Dancing has always been my passion. But it was only later, when I grew older, that I discovered the healing power of it. I met myself in unknown territories and on different levels. Dutch also has a wonderful word for meeting: ‘ont-moeten’ which is literaly taking the compuslory away. My biggest unreachable dream came true when I took over Vera’s dance classes. I felt like being thrown to the lions, but I went for it.

In the same period I discovered the 5Rhythms, which were a revelation to me. incomprehensibly, I felt attracted to it (the 5Rhythms or them – the rhythms) and within 6 years, I had participated to many intense workshops. In this way I experienced with my own body, mind and soul, their intense healing powers. They healed me completely from anorexia and other destructive behaviours. For me these were territories which a therapist had not managed to reach within me, but the 5 Rhythms did. At the same time it felt easy in a way, although not without pain and struggle.

On this path, I became curious about what it was that inspired people to live the way they live. How and why do we get stuck in patterns? What moves you? What ‘s your passion? And what ‘s your fear which holds you back from living your life to the fullest?
Regarding myself, I had always craved more depth and because of that, I had to let go of much that I loved.

In 1999 I completed my studies which resulted in me becoming a ‘nurture and health consulant’. I enriched myself with a Shamanic course and thus connected with the power of nature. Buddhism taught me a lot about the nakedness of our soul. Afterwards, I practised Vipassana and this was my very first true inner connection with my body in which I awoke partially and in which I descended to a deeper, more conscious way of breathing. In addition ‘Transformational Breathing’ brought me into a deeper abdominal breathing. These experiences I integrated into my dance and still I experience the extremely healing power of conscious breathing. Courage, observation, loving, gentle attention and my breath as a barometer, have been and still are my powerful keys to become more and more aware of the simple power of the unity in ourselves which is connected to everything. Loving and cherishing passionately the richness of life by embracing my shadows, accepting them and letting them go. Because I trust in the wisdom of my body so much, it goes into transformation automatically and heals me whereever needed.

Still I stay curious to learning because the teacher is in the pupil. From Buddhism I learned how powerful humility and compassion are. Humility is a power of acceptance. It respects the value of another being. Humility never humiliates. In these ways humility can be a big teacher for all of us. To learn from this power which connects in love and respect… The world would be a different place if we all lived from this ground of love! From the moment a teacher can open him or herself up to everybody, in order to learn from them, he or she becomes a true teacher. A true teacher doesn’t point with the finger. He or she bows and thanks.

Building upon these values, nurtured by them, rooted in them, I teach the 5Rhythms.
At the same time I keep on reaching out for lessons and teachers, eating them like delicious food, to still a hunger which will probably never be stilled.
My passion to deepen myself into every rhythm and unite with them more and more is endless and indescribably valuable.

I accompany and coach my group sessions as well as my one-to-one sessions with deep integrity, love and passion. I intuitively follow what is needed so you can feel safe to be who you are, while I give you all the time you need to unfold into your true power, here and now.

With love & grace,
Katya Verbrugghe



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