5Rhythms® – Waves – Workshops

5Rhythms® – Waves – Workshops


Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self. In your deepest center, you are the stillpoint. You are the rhythm beyond stillness, the feeling beyond compassion, the sexual energy beyond celibacy, the life force beyond death, the vibration beyond inspiration. The moving center is within you.

Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle Roth

What are the 5Rhythms®

What are the 5Rhythms?

The 5Rhythms were developed by Gabrielle Roth. It is a dynamic, expressive, meditative dance form which strives for wholeness of body, heart and spirit.

This dance form is presented in a wave. This wave starts with flowing, then goes into staccato, chaos and lyrical and it ends in stillness.

Flow is the rhythm of the power of being present, following the feet, earth, flowing movement, coming home into your body, breathing in, receiving.

Staccato is the rhythm of love, your pelvis, awakening your fire, your heart being carried and fed by fire, beginning and ending, focus, clarity, expression, structure, purity, exhale, giving, protecting.

Chaos is the rhythm of the power of knowing, emptying the mind, water, letting go, to the beat of staccato and the flowing feminine.

Lyrical is the rhythm of the power of being, of our creative beings, hands, air, light, spaciousness, weightlessness.

Stillness is the rhythm of the power of healing, of wholeness, unity, breath, being present in here and now.


Why do we dance the 5Rhythms?

Our body is our bible, our temple with a library as big as the universe. Because we trust in the wisdom of our dear body, our home, we step into the learning of healing transformation without effort.
Some of us experience traumatic experiences and almost everybody carries negative experiences with them, saved in the unconscious. Because of this we are often trapped in spirals of negative thoughts and judgments. And on top of these negative experiences, protecting mechanisms take form. Caught in all of this, it is very logical that we can’t believe in happiness and fortune on any level. Because of this, we have lots of convictions and programming from which we don’t live truthfully. To disarm this, we dance the 5Rhythms, to awaken as a purely loving being. To taste life fully in all its facets. To live fully in every moment.
To live animated, with soul.

Open courses 'Waves' and 'Sweat Your Prayers'

You ‘re always welcome, with or without experience from 16 years of age and above.

To enjoy ‘Sweat Your Prayers’, I suggest you to follow a few wave courses. 

Invest: 16€

In Mortsel ‘ Existence in Dance’ on Monday evening
19u30 – 22u00
Deurneleitje 6
2640 Mortsel

In Mortsel ‘Sweat Your Prayers’ on Friday evening
19u30 – 22u00
Deurneleitje 6
2640 Mortsel

In Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor on Saturday morning (A close serie)
11h00 – 13h00 

Inner Balance Center
Frans De Meyerstraat 1C
2960 Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor

Sweat Your Prayers®
To sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost self. Sweat is holy water, prayer beads, pearls of liquid that release your past. Sweat is an ancient and universal form of self healing, whether done in the gym, the sauna, or the sweat lodge. I do it on the dance floor. The more you dance, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you pray. The more you pray, the closer you come to ecstasy. ~ Gabrielle Roth. (Book:Sweat Your Prayers)

Sweat Your Prayers is a 5Rhythms® dynamic meditation practice where we move through the rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. To create a moment together to arrive home by ourselves, well or not in connection with each other. To move together free with what is in the moment.
Before the wave we start with the bodyparts: bringing our bodies into movement through conscious attention to each bodypart. After this ‘warming up’ there will be no more support with words, only by music. We suggest that newcomers attend a few instructed classes before attending Sweat Your Prayers, as that will enhance your embodied understanding of the 5Rhythms practice.




“moMENtum” with Thierry Francois
Workshop for men only
16th – 17th Februari

(Friday 15th Februari is a wave for men and women)



This 5Rhythms workshop is an opportunity to gather up as men amongst men, simply as we are.
So we can create some safe space, safe enough that we can start having a deliberate and intentional act of movement that can lead us toward momentum.
Momentum demands movement, maybe a small step, but a step forward. That is how momentum starts.
It’s the single spark that ignites the wildest fire.
This workshop may be scary for some men. Sharing the same space, unease, challenge, vulnerability, struggle.
A place where anger and frustration arises but by giving attention to each other will create a bond. A bond that will help us break through. Breakthrough is inevitable and so worthy.
Moving forward together, whatever we are at, whatever we face, whatever we are up to, but with the simple and powerful map of 5Rhythms guiding and holds us.
The support of other men around will carry us with care. Then we just need to bring purpose and intention and follow our true calling. Follow, Focus, Surrender, Effortlessness, Wisdom … there is healing in that path.

Thierry Francois
There are different currents on my life path, I am grateful to have met them and I am happy to bring them in my work. As a young boy I started to dance.
Later, I met the theatre. It was like a revelation and I felt a strong desire to play and to be on stage. I completed my training with several other practices such as dance, mime and clown work. All that brought me further to meet the Gestalt therapy, a humanist method which gives flesh to the words. I remember that I was a little reluctant to go to my first 5Rhythms class in 2000 and that I was totally won over when I came out as it perfectly satisfied my need to integrate the body in my practice. I started to go dancing occasionally, then more regularly, then in a more addicted way by going elsewhere exploring dance, in other countries, other cultures, other teachings. In 2009, I’ve been accepted for a 5Rhythms Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth, and since then I am an accredited teacher.
Another important thread in my life and is Men work (ManKind Project) where I stand as one of the leaders.
I like to bring all those different aspects in my work and mix them with my enthusiasm for movement, my passion for music, my lightness and humour and creativity that accepts all of this.


Practical “moMENtum”

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Saturday – Sunday 16th – 17th Februari
10h30 – 17h00

Friday 15th Februari
19h30 – 22h00

170€ (included Friday evening)
or 150€ if payed before 13th Januari

16€ for only Friday evening

Deurneleitje 6
2640 Mortsel – Antwerpen



Waves and Heartbeat 5Rhythms® workshop
 13th & 14th April



Our body cannot relax deeply if we in the moment cannot active accept what we feel.
That what we feel, we regularly try to prevent in a variety of ways, to ignore, suppress or combat.

These behaviors do not bring us closer to ourselves and don’t give us peace. And a passive acceptance has also not any constructive relationship with ourselves or the world. There are many behaviors that we live consciousness or unconsciousness for many years that do not make us happy. We do not feel open and free. Why are we hurting ourselves?

Do you also want to experience acceptance in the here and now by observing your inner experiences unconditionally with your full attention?

Even if you don’t like the experience! Learning to accept what you perceive is a conscious choice that you can live every moment.

This gives you the power to make any decision with an open mind and a compassioned heart.

In this workshop we will give all the attention to the quality of acceptance. We will look when and why we are going into resistance. How do we behave in this and what are our patterns? We are going to take different steps on our way to taste, to experience acceptance and to be aware what this brings us.


Practical “ACCEPTANCE’

You love to enjoy us
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13th & 14th April 2019
10u30 – 18u00

or 140€ if you have registered and payed for the 16th of Februari

Deurneleitje 6
2640 Mortsel – Antwerpen




5 Rhythms® waves workshop
workshop for men and woman
10th July – 14th July


We will move from our sexual energy in a conscious way during this workshop. Who are we in this energy ? The live – force of which we are born. A vulnerable power, creative in a natural way, out of which we let rise all kind of magnificent new creations.

“Living our pure tender beauty in a passionate field of gratitude.
Because we are sexual human beings, YES or YES!”

Most people do not dare to live their life from this basis. This energy has been locked partly or even completely. Others are just repressing it, same for men or woman. Can we allow ourselves to stand in this, and how are we handling this energy?
And Yes there is still a big taboo in this sexual field. With most of us this starts during our education. We all know that this is the field where the most abuse is happening (consciously and unconsciously).
On several levels we get sucked or we are deceived by the temptations of the other or the media. Or we try to ignore it, what is impossibly in our subconscious mind.
We start living all kind of things, which fulfill us for a moment, because we do not allow this life-force to flow. We do not feel us satisfied. So we get all kind of addictions to fill this gap (sugar, media, TV, shopping, alcohol, …). As well as sex-addiction, where we miss something fundamental, hence the title of this workshop: “Sexual grounding”.
These addictions are not there to be condemned; they can be a teacher to see when you do not feel yourself fulfilled, yes I say clearly “feel fulfilled”.

Mostly this is THE subject in relations, while we sink into power and powerlessness as we can see all over the world. Just because we are separated from our feelings and we cannot be clear to the other.
I invite all of you to meet yourself in a sensual, passionate and intimate way. Allowing ourselves to be true Living our life from a conscious body, natural and passionately!



You love to enjoy us
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5 days
10th July – 14th July 2019
10u30 – 17u30

or 300€  if you have registered and prepaid 90€ for the 8th of April

Deurneleitje 6
2640 Mortsel – Antwerpen


“Sacred Space”
ongoing closed group for women

New dates are coming soon.


Both women and men have suffered blockages around intimacy with himself.
In this ongoing for women, we go deepen together in eight Sundays in our natural power, our vitale lifeforce, also called libido and with the necessary labels.
And we also unconsciously take the beliefs of our parents. How are your parents looking to this energy? Do they honor this natural power?
We can purify our womb as a woman of beliefs and of energies that our womb defiled. Our womb is our core, normally a basis of bearing love. Here houses our soul if we consciously can relax in it. From here on, to breathe and to embrace ourselves, gives our heart to possibility to worn by our own source and ensures that it is worn by an warm beloved home. As a result, we are creating our own security to us to surrender to life. To learn to live from our intuition, by trial and error to learn trust. Because there’s nothing to lose, only to gain, more and more to learn to enjoy in the here and now.

It is an energy that is sexually abused all over the world. An energy that evokes a desire with which many of us look outside themselves to fulfill. While it is an energy to honor deeply. If we receive this energy and not abusing it, it heal our body and soul, which gives your spirit space to create for what you come. She gives a unnameable joy of life and it is the core of unconditional love.

We work with different exercises to soften our body, to get more body awareness.

You are welcome dear Soulsister.
I love to guide you through your process.


PRACTICAL Sacred Space ongoing


Focus on:

Grounding in intimacy
Opening & Closing in receiving
Sensuality into passion
One in spirit, one in breath
Ritual Theater